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  With the continuous development of science and technology, digital printing technology is also constantly introducing new ones. Among them, flatbed UV printing is a relatively new digital printing technology. It can perform high-quality, fast and accurate printing on a variety of materials, especially for advertising, home decoration and other fields.

  What is Flatbed UV Printing?

  Flatbed UV Printing refers to a digital printing technology that uses a flat plate as a printing medium. Different from traditional printing methods, flatbed UV printing uses ultraviolet nozzles and hardened ink to print patterns directly on the surface of objects without first making a layout and then printing. This means that flatbed UV printing can handle a variety of materials, and can save many traditional processes in the production process, greatly improving efficiency and capacity.

  Advantages of Flatbed UV Printing

  Can be applied to a variety of materials

  Flatbed UV printing can be printed on a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, PVC, etc., which makes it an ideal solution for various industries, especially in the fields of advertising, home decoration, etc.


  Flatbed UV printers can complete a large amount of printing in a short period of time, thereby improving production efficiency.

  2、High quality

  Flatbed UV printed products are of very high quality due to the use of UV curable inks. The printed pattern has high color saturation, high definition, and will not fade, and is durable and waterproof.

  3、Low cost

  Compared with traditional handicrafts such as engraving and painting, flatbed UV printing avoids the waste caused by manual errors, and does not need to spend a lot of time and labor costs. This makes the cost of flatbed UV printing more reasonable and controllable.

  4、Application of Flatbed UV Printing

  Flatbed UV printing technology is especially suitable for printing scenarios with large areas or diverse needs, such as billboards, home decoration, indoor and outdoor signs, kitchen glass, hotel key area decoration, exhibition design, and automobile body advertising patterns. Through flat-bed UV printing technology, the precise needs of multiple industries can be realized, such as the production of display cabinets, decoration materials, trademarks and name tags, gifts and color posters, etc.

  In the field of complex personalized customization, such as digital product shells such as artworks and tablet computers, flat-panel UV printing can also show its irreplaceable advantages.


  As an efficient, fast and suitable digital printing technology for a variety of materials, flatbed UV printing will penetrate into all walks of life. It has become the best solution for many companies to carry out signage, advertising production and home decoration. Through flated UV printing, faster, simpler and cheaper printing methods can be achieved, bringing higher competitiveness to the market.

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    flatbed uv printing products
    flatbed uv printing products

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