How About Second-hand UV Flatbed Printer Machine ?

  • By:Nocai
  • 2022-06-02
  • 736

Nowadays, many friends want low investment, high return and high profit. Most of them are friends who are starting a business. The price of new UV flatbed printers is relatively expensive, while second-hand printers are much cheaper, so it is understandable to buy second-hand equipment. But there are pros and cons. I will share with you some content below, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it.

Small uv flatbed printer machine is inseparable from the after-sales service of the manufacturer. Inevitably, all machines will have problems, the key is how to solve problems after they arise. If you buy used equipment, the after-sales service may not be able to provide protection. The maintenance cost of second-hand equipment is very high in the later period. The core part of the machine is the nozzle. Basically, the second-hand printer uv flatbed machine has to replace the nozzle. The cost of one nozzle, plus the refurbishment of the machine, etc., while the cost increases, there are also problems of machine instability and unknown risks.