Can UV Printer Machines Achieve Personalized Packaging Box Customization Today ?

  • By:Nocai
  • 2022-06-01
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Nowadays, with the development of the times and the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, consumers' shopping concept is becoming more and more personalized. Among them, the packaging industry is the most important, and the market potential is also very amazing. The new generation of consumers who pursue freedom and personalization enjoy more and more privileges, and the customization market in the UV flatbed printing machine market is also gradually expanding.

The market demand for fine packaging, small order, fast, personalized, variable technology is becoming more and more obvious. With the promotion of small format uv printer, it largely makes up for the shortage of the traditional printing industry, thus meeting the market demand,what are the advantages of small uv flatbed printer in personalized packaging?

1. Short production lead time

In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the cycle of launching new products by manufacturers of consumer goods, food, and medicine is getting shorter and shorter, and the frequency of updating product labels is getting faster and faster. In order to meet customer needs in a short time, the UV flatbed printer has a fast printing speed, can work well with mass production, and fully meets the needs of industrial production.

2. Small batch

There are more and more product varieties in the current market, but the printing volume of a single product is getting smaller and smaller. When many companies conduct marketing campaigns, hold special meetings, and order annual gifts or holiday benefits, there is also a small batch of packaging needs that may only require hundreds or even dozens of boxes. Then with the original traditional printing production mode, the cost will be very high. But the UV flatbed printer does not, it can print from one sheet, and the amount of ink required is very small. The less cost can get the bigger profit.