2021 Nuocai Year-End Performance Sprint And Mobilization Meeting

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  • 2021-11-29
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Just do it! To be the best! The goal is clear, unswerving, God rewards diligence, and sustainable operation. Sincerely cooperate, be positive and optimistic, strive to develop, and move forward courageously!

The 40 days’ year-end performance sprint and mobilization meeting has just kicked off and the battle has officially started ! At 4 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov. 20, 2021, the launching ceremony of the 2021 Nuocai year-end performance sprint and mobilization conference officially began. Manager Liang, the head of the marketing center, presided over and gave a speech.

"Come upon the calling of the leader, the one who came could involved into the battle and win it. As a member of Nuocai,  we’ll never give up and always be prepared" This is the oath which be given by our sales person and they are confident that they signed the military order. In addition to having expectations of themselves, they also have the desire and drive to break through their own performance! ! At the conference site, the sales person have a loud voice and confidently look forward to it!

The journey is long, the closer we are to the goal, the more we have to work harder. Every colleague in the company will be able to hold on to the goal, persevere and persevere. Until December 31, 2021, the performance target was not only successfully completed, but also exceeded expectations! In order to reward us, the company prepared afternoon tea for us!

In addition to the joy of breakthrough performance, we have the higher expectations for the new year. Nuocai marketing center held a celebration meeting on the evening of 12.31. With expectations for the future, looking forward to the next year we can reach a higher level ! Bring more possibilities and innovations for customers and ourselves ! We all firmly believe that our sales team can not only help each other and create a new glory, but also believe that they can break through themselves and climb higher mountains ! 

The goals of the 2021 Nuocai year-end performance sprint and mobilization meeting must be reached. We’ll make every minute counts and be invincible. Yes, we can!


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