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Why Your UV Printer Price Non-Negotiable?

“What’s your best price could you offer?”
“What discount of your uv printer could you give to me?”
“I need discount, need best price!”
“Why there’s no discount of our machine”
“Why your price is non-negotiable?”
In the discussions with different customers in the past few years, I always got such questions from them about the price, discount of our product, uv flatbed printer. And they all very surprised that when the other uv printer suppliers offer discount, further discount, further... after the first quote. And they’ll even give more and more spare parts of the machine. 
The customer said, “You guy are doing business not in the Chinese style. I need discount.” That’s correct. This is the Nuocai style of business and I’ll explain why below. 
We also understand that most of the China suppliers, not only the uv printer suppliers, but also the ones in other fields, will quote a higher price in the beginning and wait for negotiation with the customer, one round, two rounds... till settle down the order. This is the Chinese business style that you mentioned. Of course that the price is the very important factor be to taken into consideration when you make decision which machine you should choose, however, what the meaning of the waste so much time just for the negotiation of the price that the supplier quote you. Shouldn’t we focus more on the machine itself? The design details, the stability, the printing quality of the machine? 
We also noticed that some customers complaints the “Made in China” quality, while, push the supplier to lower their products price, even lower their products cost, and you know, this is another Chinese business style.  
Sometimes the Chinese suppliers are too flexible, or since the harder and harder competition that the eager of order increased a lot, they’ll do their best to get the order no matter how low the profit is. Sometimes, when the customer requests the price which lower than their cost they still will settle down the order with customer. And you can imagine that the only way they can do is lower the parts cost of the product which mean lower the quality of the product to keep their profit. Then in the end, customer comes back to complaint the quality of the machine again. Lower price, higher quality, what a contradictory coalition. 
We, Nuocai, focus on the establishment of our own brand and value our reputation. Our business style is save time on the price negotiation and quote the best price directly, but focus more on the quality of the machine itself and the after sale service we’ll give. Of course, we earn our reasonable profit and use it for the machine upgrading and support offering. 
Choose Nuocai uv printer, also give yourself a chance to experience the different Chinese style and the valuable machine.