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Why Non-Negotiable Of Nocai Uv Printer Price ?

“What’s your best price could you offer?”
“What discount of your Nocai uv printer could you give to me?”
“I need discount, need best price!”
“Why there’s no discount of our machine”
“Why non-negotiable of nocai uv printer price?”


In the discussions with different customers in the past few years, I always got such questions from them about the price, discount of our product, small uv printing machine. And they all very surprised that when the other uv printer suppliers offer discount, further discount, further... after the first quote. And they’ll even give more and more spare parts of the machine. The customer said, “You guy are doing business not in the Chinese style. I need discount.” That’s correct. This is the Nuocai style of business and I’ll explain why nocai uv printer price is reasonable.