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What Does The Uv Digital Printing Machine Accuracy Depend On ?

Many friends who are planning to buy uv digital printing machine are concerned about the brand, price, after-sales service, machine quality, printing speed and fineness of uv digital printing machine. In these respects, the speed and fineness of UV flatbed printers are the most direct manifestation of the printing effect of UV printers. Of course, for industrial applications, the quality of the UV printer itself is also very important for stability.


UV digital printing machine manufacturers are also tirelessly studying how to further improve the precision of inkjet printing. The color of UV inkjet printing is subtracted from the three primary colors of cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y). The three CMY inks mix the most colors and have the widest color gamut. Moreover, the three primary colors cannot be mixed with true black, and a special black (K) is required, so the four colors that UV printers often say are CMYK.


UV printers control the ink jet behavior of nozzles of different colors, so that each color ink forms dots on the printing medium. This imaging principle is called halftone image, that is, the ink is represented by only one color. Different ink dot size, distribution density and other full-color images are generated.


The ink dot size of UV printers is a key factor affecting the accuracy of the printer. From the perspective of the development trend of inkjet print heads, the size of the nozzle holes is getting smaller and smaller, the minimum picoliter number and the resolution continue to decrease, and the resolution continues to increase. At present, there are mainstream print heads such as Kyocera, Ricoh, Epson, etc. on the market, and their lowest ink droplets have been improved.


UV printers add light-colored inks of the same color, so that when low-density output is required, more light inks can be used instead of thick inks, so that the color gradation transition of the image is more natural, the colors are fuller, and there is a sense of hierarchy. Therefore, for those with high precision requirements for UV printers, you can consider matching light cyan (Lc) and light magenta (Lm) inks. This is what we often call six colors, and very few can also be matched with third-order black ink.



In addition, a plan to further improve the accuracy of UV printers is also proposed. The mixing of three primary colors to present colors of other colors is still inferior to the direct use of the color ink, so complementary colors such as green, blue, orange, purple and other spot color inks have appeared in the market.


Nuocai uv flatbed printer is the king in the uv digital printing machine industry, with its stability and good quality ,it wins many great appraises from the clients in all over the world. The best seller are NC-UV0609 series, have three different modes to meet all kinds of demands.


Cost-effective NC-UV0609PE


●Cost-effective, Stable performance, Perfect function;
●Multifunctional flat and cylindrical integrated machine;
●White, color, varnish print at the same time(only flatbed), 3D embossed printing;
●Maximum resolution up to 1440dpi, picture quality is delicate;
●Suitable for small batch production, personalized customization

NC-UV0609Pro High Efficiency Small Batch Production


●Imported print head, speed up to 8 sqm/h, small expert for mass processing and production; ●Dual head to achieve white & color print at same time, dry once print finished;
●Maximum resolution up to 1800dpi, more colorful printing and more vivid effect.


NC-UV0609X 「High Resolution & High Spraying Strength



●2400dpi high-precision printing, fine image quality

● ok to print uneven surface up to 13mm



Nuocai UV printer manufactory welcome you to visit and directly check the print effect in our factory .