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What Behavior Is Easy To Damage The UV Printer Nozzle ?

Nozzle as the core component of UV flatbed printer,proper use and maintenance,can prolong the service life. But some incorrect operations, will greatly reduce the service life of nozzle. Increase the use cost of UV flatbed printer-In many cases,uv flatbed printer price is also determined by this aspect. Here's a list of 8 behaviors that you may harm your print head, please pay attention !




1.Do not cut off the power supply when disassembling the nozzle.

2.Leave the cleaning solution in the nozzle for more than 48 hours.

3.Change ink freely without cleaning.


Many manufacturers after uv flatbed printer for sale,will Provide the same ink for use. Even for the same ink, inks made by different vendors contain different ingredients. If the direct ink change without cleaning may produce more particles and plug the nozzle,or two inks of different architectures,So the nozzle must be cleaned before changing the ink. But friendly remind: we do not suggest to use the two kinds of inks in one machine.



4.Use poor quality inks and cleaning fluids, suggest to use the uv flatbed printer supplier’s ink.

5.Clean the nozzle with high-pressure air gun

6.Do not protect circuit boards and other internal systems when cleaning

7.Use external force and lack of standardization to adjustment the nozzle position

8.Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection


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