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How do UV printer suppliers deal with the "Change Time"?

The speaker Ray Stasieczk shared his opinion towards "Industry Change" of the digital printing machine with us in 2017 China(Zhuhai) International Printing Consumable Summit. He stated that only those UV printer suppliers which introduce future ideas into the modern situation and keep updating their own development strategy of their UV inkjet printer will not fail but survive.


Stasieczko memorized the several changes happened these years. The most impressive one was HP company acquired Samsung's digital printing machine business. After this acquisition, HP company gathered a3 printing technology and patent from Samsung.


He mentioned that: As for me, the scariest thing in the industry of UV inkjet printer actually comes from ourselves. In this industry, the future lots of people imagine just a miniature.


digital printing machine

He pointed out that when enterprises of UV flatbed printer industry begin to think about the future but not indulge in memory, is the time that comes new idea. For example, industry professors predicted that the global market value of printing management service from nowadays around 28 billion USD(about 182 billion RMB) increase to 53 billion USD(about 344.4 billion RMB). The universal UV printing machine manufacturers should positively explore the great potential of this market and avoid losing existing customers.


He expressed that any issue happens in the future in the UV printing machine industry might subvert the whole industry. He imagined that HP company will M&A with Xerox, and the combination if these 2 big companies will create a giant enterprise.


Last but not least, he expressed that those successful survivors of the UV flatbed printer industry in the future will not use the structure of business which is used by current leading enterprises of this industry; and they will not be imprisoned by old minds when they make a plan for companies' future.


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