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uv printer: born for personalized customization

The result of following the footsteps of fashion is often abandoned by fashion. With the continuous development of luxury goods around the world, more and more luxury goods can be produced in large quantities by machines in factories. Luxury goods are no longer synonymous with nobility, wealth and luxury. Of course, the various brands will not hesitate, they have extended their tentacles to personalized customization at the cutting edge of fashion. We will diversify the customization style and spread it all over the world, making customization a fashion and a trend. Customization has become the latest definition of luxury. Therefore, a machine that can be personalized and customized was born: uv printer.


Customization is the improvement of corporate brand quality and culture, and it is also a richer and more reliable connotation in the process of building a corporate brand culture system. For consumers, customizing any product is a very pleasant life experience, not for showing off their wealth, not for status symbol. In this world, everyone has their own fashion code, and standardized and large-scale products can never express themselves perfectly, and the trend of "customization" has emerged. Flatbed printers can perfectly display all the personalization you want.


Why is UV printer born for personalized customization? The reasons are as follows:


01. uv flatbed printer: both high speed and high precision


Xaar 1201 print head, the smallest ink drop is 2.5pl, the screen is delicate, the drop point is accurate, and the precision is high. It can print with a height of 13mm, which can reach the image level, and the ink dots are invisible.


微信图片_20200522085738 - 副本.jpg


02, the stability of uv flatbed printers exceeds imagination


Long working hours are also very stable, suitable for small batch mass production.


03. The uv flatbed printer can be used for multiple purposes in one machine and can have a wider range of applications


The thickness of the printing medium can be up to 14cm, and the printing width can reach 90cm*60cm. The surface of the product can increase the effect of varnish and relief, and is suitable for various packaging materials such as paper, wood, metal iron sheet, etc., which can easily meet the market demand.


04, the operation of the uv flatbed printer is convenient and user-friendly printing management


There is no need to make a plate, and it is not limited by pattern and color registration, and it can be formed at one time; the standby flash jet function can ensure smooth ink jet during the printing process and longer service life of the nozzle. Humanized structure design, easy to install and maintain.


The editor is thinking, everyone will also be interested in the word personalization. When interest comes, the market comes. Requirement will definitely cause a gust of wind. If you want to keep this personalized, our Nocai uv flatbed printer is the best choice.


If you want to know more about UV printer or flatbed printer, or want to know the price of UV printer, you can call our editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers. Candice Chen 18664538711