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UV printer about after-sales problems

With the rapid growth of economy, people's consumption level is also getting higher and higher. When we buy the goods we need, especially the digital appliances, we are most worried about the after-sales problem.Like buying a uv printer, buying successfully doesn't mean the end, it's just the beginning.


We all know that professional after-sales maintenance services, not only can effectively increase the brand awareness of enterprises, won the trust of the user, also collect equipment data,help technology department with continuous improvement .

As we all know, the difficulty of after-sales uv printers is mainly concentrated in the low-end flat-panel printer market, due to the purchase of this type of equipment, the user's own funds are not affluent, the equipment is cheaper, plus this type of equipment itself due to modification, innate existence many problems. When manufacturers do not provide after-sales services, if customers recover costs through lawsuits, home visits, etc., the economic losses caused during the period are too long, the cycle is too long, these users simply can not afford.


 On the contrary, high-end flat-panel printers, this type of customer base is basically a large company, a complete legal department, and the middle and high-end flat-panel printer manufacturers, their own technical level and strength is strong, the basic after-sales problems rarely occur.So selecting a professional manufacturer is important.


Guangzhou Nuocai UV Printer is top brand in China,which has 12 years’ experience in small uv printer ,Nuocai has been known well in series of advanced equipment including all different size of small uv flatbed printer for phone cases 、glass、 leather、 mugs and so on.Nuocai has obtained certificates of CE.ISO-9001:2015.


 Nuocai has been improving more and more focusing on R&D and new digital printer designed by  factory was regarded as Scientific and technological achievements of Guangzhou city. Especially the part of after-sale service ,they are committed to provide satisfied service to customers .