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The advantages led lamp using in UV inkjet printer

UV inkjet printer is one kind of UV digital printing machines, in which the led lamp has several advantages for it. Nuocai, as one of the UV flatbed printer suppliers, will introduce them to you.

uv inkjet printer

There is no or little organic solvent volatilizing for UV flatbed printer, which uses a UV led lamp to cure. In addition, the UV led lamp has no mercury which belongs to the environmental product.

UV led light belongs to cold light, the temperature on the surface is low. What's more, it doesn't produce heat which can reduce the heat during the curing process. For this, the machine can print on thin plastic and other materials which is one of the biggest advantages of a UV flatbed printing machine.

The ultraviolet ray sent by the UV led can cure the UV ink immediately,which saves a lot of dry time which other technology needed to improve the efficiency.

Led curing technology can reduce two-way drag belt phenomenon. In total, it  not only can simplify the printing process but let those customers who lack silk print knowledge enjoy an ideal UV printer flatbed.

It's suitable for different kinds of materials: soft or rigid, absorbable or not absorbable.

It can reduce cost, UV led lighting has many advanced functions and environmental. Comparing with the traditional metal halide lamp, a UV led lamp can save 2/3 energy.Led chip's lifespan is many times than traditional UV lamp which saves a lot of replacing labor cost.

Last but not the least, led technology is that UV light bulbs do not need to warm up, which can be opened or closed anytime. This can not be done by traditional UV led inkjet lamp which brings a large business opportunity.

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