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UV flatbed printers about how to control costs and increase production

With the rapid development of technology and the market demand for personalized, fast and efficient UV flat printer has been applied to production by more and more manufacturers.Manufacturers buy and use tablet printers in order to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and make profits quickly. What they are most concerned about is how to make profits.


Production time, workers' technical requirements, input of product materials, and input of production equipment are all sources of enterprise costs.For enterprises, production time is efficiency, and production time is benefit.This is often the focus of business today, but it is often ignored by many small companies.How does UV flat - screen printer help printing enterprises reduce the hidden cost?

1. Reduced production time

Shortening production time starts with the maturity of the equipment and worker technology we use. The first is the production speed of the equipment. The UV flatbed printer adopts high-tech inkjet printing technology, so that the print head is not directly printed with the substrate, and high-speed printing is realized. Followed by the efficiency, four-color, eight-color high color reproduction, to ensure the printing quality, while reducing the production of waste. Finally, it is intelligently controlled. A complete set of printing processes can be realized with one computer. Processes such as plate making, filming and baking are omitted, and printing efficiency is improved.

2. Labor Cost Saving

There is also the most important reduction in labor costs. UV flatbed printers can reduce the printing process that can be performed by four or five people to a maximum of two people. And the technical requirements of the flat-panel printers for the operators are not high, so that the companies have reduced the difficulty in finding technicians and the wage pressure they need to pay is not high, thereby enhancing the company's profits.