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What are some tips for choosing a UV flatbed printer?

Nuocai, as a expert uv flatbed printer manufacturer in China for decades, exporting uv printing machine all over the world, after analyzing the domestic and foreign customers about what indeed a perfect uv flatbed printer is, draws a conclusion on some tips for you to choose a proper uv flatbed printer machine as below:

nuocai UV Flatbed Printer Machine

First of all, the printing effect of the uv flatbed printer

The direct way to check whether the printing effect turns out to be good is to print a photograph. A qualified uv flatbed printer can print out the photograph exactly the same as the design drawing. The extra lining or stripe or double shadow situation will never appear on the photograph. And the detail of the drawing structure and the colors are with a vivid representability.

Second of all, the mode of the uv flatbed printer

There are a lot of kinds of uv flatbed printers on the market, ranged from the big format, medium format to the small format. If you want to develop a business in printing service, you’d better choose a big format uv flatbed printer, which has no limits in the material and is suitable for massive production. At the same time, the function is much more stable and can provide continuous printing with a good quality output.

Third of all, the after service of the uv flatbed printer

The after service is important for machinery products surely including flatbed digital printing machine. Any product has its due time. An available after service is necessary when the uv flatbed printer is out of work or in an emergency situation. Nuocai can provide the first-time after service for you, just feel free to contact our uv flatbed printer after service department which is the most professional, experienced and customer-oriented one in Canton, China.

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