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The Technical Principle of UV Inkjet Printer

The typewriter is made according to the principle of movable type printing. Then the needle printer prints the character by imitating the impact ribbon at the impact matrix point. Then the uv inkjet printer uses the matrix point of the needle printer to print with the ink matrix point, and finally becomes the inkjet printer we see today. The uv inkjet printer is, in fact, the evolution of a dot matrix printer. They used hundreds of micro-guns instead of metal needles to spray ink dots onto the paper. As in a dot matrix printer, the characters they print are still composed of dots, but the dots are so small that they can’t be seen. Different types of ink-jet printers spray ink in various ways. Generally speaking, the ink-jet printing technology of uv inkjet printer can be divided into continuous ink-jet and on-demand ink-jet.

The working principle of the continuous ink-jet technology is to use a constant power device to impart a fixed pressure to the ink, so that the ink is continuously sprayed and separated into ink drops under the action of the oscillator. The control system selectively charges the ink drops according to the printing information, and finally, after the charged charges are deflected by the deflection electric field, the charged charges are ejected to the surface of the substrate to form image and text information, and the charged electric charges go straight into the recovery device. This is a two-state deflection. If that image charge is an image at a position different from the vertical direction of the substrate due to the amount of charge, it is referred to as a multi-state deflection.

On-demand inkjet technology controls electronic signals by controlling whether ink droplets are produced. When the printing information is transmitted to the output terminal, if the ink droplets are needed, the ink droplets are ejected, which makes the printing surface form graphic and text information, which is simpler than the ink droplet live device and deflection hardware in the continuous inkjet system. Liquid inkjet technology is the mainstream of on-demand inkjet technology, which can be divided into thermal inkjet technology and piezoelectric inkjet technology.


The principle of thermal inkjet technology is that hot bubble inkjet technology mainly relies on resistance to convert electric energy into heat energy in the process of heating. Heat can vaporize the ink near the printer nozzle, spray ink, and print the target image or text on the printing paper. The principle of piezoelectric inkjet technology is to use piezoelectric film to produce mechanical vibration, to complete the whole process of controlling inkjet through pressure, without heating the nozzle, and to save energy and prolong the life of printing head. At the same time, the size and injection position of ink droplets are accurately controlled to avoid the problem of image blurring. This not only reduces the requirement of ink selection, but also allows for the use of ink that produces chemical reactions at high temperatures.