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The Pros and Cons of Small Format UV Printer

Any product cannot be perfect from the moment it is born, that is to say, it has both advantages and disadvantages. For the controversial small format uv printer on the market, it is no exception, and the market has mixed reviews of it. Today we start with the characteristics of small format uv printer to give a simple analysis of the market prospects of small format uv printer.

At present, the small format uv printer on the market generally has the following characteristics: first of all, small size. It is precise because the volume is small, which means it does not occupy the space. In this way, that's why it can be called the small format uv printer. Second of all, the weight is light. Because the printing format is not too large, what you need to do is to just keep the inkjet stable. Therefore, the weight of a small format uv printer is generally light, for example, some styles of second-generation small format uv printer are only 6 kilograms, third-generation small format uv printer is only 15 kilograms. Third of all, the printing speed is faster. Speed refers to the ratio of format size to printing time rather than simply printing format or simple speed. Fourth of all, the material is relatively extensive. A small format uv printer is the replica of the large one, the only difference is the printing format, so the material affected by format will be reduced to a certain extent. The fifth of all, the product can be customized. Because the small format uv printer is small and the print format is small too, it can be customized according to the customer's demand, and a concept of customization is really realized by the one and the only small format uv printer. Six of all, the machine is generally stable. The development technology of small format uv printer is relatively less mature than large size one, and the stability is still a little poor. Seventh of all, after-sales service is simple and convenient. The printer itself does not have many external spare parts, so disassembly and maintenance are very convenient, even if you do not want to repair, you can also return to the factory for maintenance. The last but not the least, the printing pattern is more precise. Because the printing range is small, you can print a higher pixel pattern without deformation, so that the pattern is much clearer.

From the above simple analysis, the advantages of the small format uv printer are small volume, lightweight and relatively wide application materials. At the same time, it can also be customized by only one piece, and the maintenance is simple, and the printing pattern is very clear. And its disadvantage is that the printing range is small and the equipment is relatively unstable. The small size of the printing range is due to the fact that the machine itself is small, which is a problem that cannot be changed. And the relative instability of the equipment is a problem of the technology.


It's believed that with the development of science and technology and the strong R & D of the small format uv printer manufacturers, the machinery and equipment will be more and more perfect, which will be overcome gradually. In addition, we should also see the market potential of a small format uv printer, which is the flexibility of the equipment and can be customized by one single piece. Large UV printers do not want to do the products which can now be produced by a small format uv printer. This can greatly satisfy the personalized needs of people, which also provides a good start-up opportunity for many entrepreneurs who want to be engaged in personalized custom-made products.