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The Maintenance of UV Printer Flatbed

First of all, ensure that the surrounding environment of the uv printer flatbed is clean. Too much dust in the working environment can lead to poor lubrication of the guide shaft of the uv printer flatbed, and the movement of the print head in the printing process is blocked, thereby causing the printing position to be inaccurate or the mechanical frame is impacted to cause damage. When the print head is not turned back to the original position and the printer is turned on again, the printer first causes the print head to return to the original position, and then the operation of the cleaning head is performed, thereby causing unnecessary waste of the ink. The solution to this problem is to rub off the dust on the guide shaft, and to lubricate the guide shaft. Here we suggest choosing more liquid lubricating oil, such as sewing machine oil.

Second of all, make sure the uv printer flatbed has a solid working platform and do not place anything at the top of the uv printer flatbedWhen printing, the front cover must be closed to prevent dust from entering the machine, at the same time, avoid other hard objects entering into the machine to hinder the movement of the printer. Do not plug and unplug the printer cable, which will damage the printer print port and PC parallel port, and even damage the PC motherboard. If the print output is not clear, use the printer's automatic cleaning function to clean the sprinkler, but in this way, it will consume a small amount of ink. If the printing is not satisfactory after several consecutive cleaning, the ink may have been used up and the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Third of all, when the cartridge is not used, it is best not to remove, so as not to cause ink waste or printer measurement of ink errors. because after changing the cartridge, the printer will fill the ink delivery system. And this process in the shutdown state will not be able to carry out, the printer cannot detect the re-install on the cartridge. In addition, some printers measure the ink capacity using electronic counters inside the printer. When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer determines that the ink is used up. And during the cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter, thus confirming the installation of the new cartridge. As for the uv printer flatbed grating bars, a good job of protection is highly recommended. Don't touch it by hand, don't let it get dust, in case the positioning is not correct.

The last but not the least, before the shutdown, bring the print head back to the original position. The uv printer flatbed automatically returns to the original position in the suspended state. In this way, the printer can avoid the ink of waste ink when the printer is re-cleaned at the time of the next startup. Because the spray head can be sealed by the protective cover in the initial position, the spray head is not easy to block.