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Do You Know How to Tell the Difference of the Digital Printing Machines Based on the Price?

Many people want to know, if the prices of digital printing machines are different, what price of digital printing machine is cost-effective? Let’s take a look at the difference between digital printing machines of 0.1 million yuan and 0.2 million yuan.

First of all, from the first sight, you will find that their tonnage is significantly different. At present, the price of the domestic 2-head machine and the 3-head machine is about 0.1 million yuan, and the weight of the machine is about 500KG. The weight of the eight-head digital printing machine of 0.2 million yuan is 1000 kg, which doubles the former one. Due to this factor, its industrial rack will be more stable in the process of production and printing, and It’s more suitable for large-scale orders. At the same time, it can afford a large number of consumables and has a longer service life. On the contrary, the thin rack may shake during the production process, and its printed consumables cannot afford too much.

Second of all, generally speaking, the more sprinklers, the more expensive the digital printing machine, and the higher the performance requirements of the machine. The sprinkler types of digital printing machines include 2 sprinklers, 3 sprinklers, 4 sprinklers, 6 sprinklers and 8 sprinklers. The more sprinkler configuration, the tonnage of the machine, print width, rack parts and so on will be different. For example, the printing width of the 2-head machine is 1.6 meters, 1.9 meters, and the printing width of the 8-head machine can reach 2.2 meters. Printing speed is the key element of the printer. Different levels, different grades of printers in printing speed is very different, and printing speed determines the efficiency of production. The faster the printing speed, the more orders can be completed, and the higher the benefits that businesses can get. The printing speed of 2 heads and 3 heads is 65 × 114 h, while the top speed of 8 heads is 280. the maximum speed of 2 heads and 3 heads is 65 × 114 h. In other words, as for 1.6 meters wide consumables, in an hour it can print 175 meters.

The last but not the least, the 8-head machine is equipped with an automatic cold and hot constant temperature system, the ink is constant at 25 degrees 28 degrees all year round, and the printing color difference is not needed to be worried. There is an industrial ink system on the ink road system, the ink runs more smoothly, which has a professional ink supply module and can avoid blocking the sprinkler and prolong the service life of the nozzle. In the rewinding system, it can not only automatically start and stop the coil drying, but also load 1000 meters of consumables, inflatable rewinding, time-saving and labor-saving, and can print unguarded 24 hours a day. The higher the price of the digital printing machine, the use of spare parts will be improved. 2 head 3-head machines can only use water-based and thermal sublimation ink, digital printing, and it can print indoor and outdoor advertisements. But the printing material of 8 head machines is more extensive, polyester, chiffon cloth, heat transfer printing paper, flag cloth and so on can be printed. It also supports the dispersion and penetration of chiffon.