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The advantage of uv inkjet printing

UV printing, as a new technology, it is becoming more and more mature. Here introduce the advantage of uv inkjet printing:
1. Shortening production time
First of all, UV flatbed printer adopts high-tech inkjet printing technology and with intelligent control.To print a beautiful picture, a complete set of printing process will need a computer, an electronic image, and a uv printer. elliptical production of film, baking and other processes, improved printing efficiency. The second is efficiency. Four-color, six-color or eight-color mixed together to print the colorful pictures. That is the principal of uv printing. It ensures the quality of printing and reduces the production of waste products. The third is when printing, the uv ink will be dry at the time printing immediately. In this way, no need to waste time to wait for the ink to be dry, and get the samples immediately. 
2. Savings in human capital
As well as the most important human cost reduction, the UV flatbed printer will complete the printing process within maximum two people instead of the traditional printing technology with four or five people . And the operating personnel's technical requirements for uv flatbed printers are not high, which reduces the difficulty of enterprises to find the right operating technician, and the labor cost pressure is not high, so as to enhance the enterprise's profit. 
3. Embossing effect printing
With uv printing technology, we can print a lot of personalized diy products with embossing effect, that is what other printing technology, like silk printing, heat press printing, offset printing can not realizes. Now it is very popular for phone cases, promotional items etc to print embossing effect.
4. Environmental protection
Traditional silk printing, the constituent of the printing consumable is unfriendly to the environment, which is control to be exported. But for uv printing, the uv ink is environment-friendly. And what is more, no a lot of wast ink will be wasted via uv printing. Most of the inks can be in efficient use by the smart control of the printing software.