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T-shirt printing machine to get rich way of low cost high returns

Today, small make up for you to introduce a high return and low cost investment project - Why do investors pay more and more attention to the T-shirt printer?

Capture market dynamics!

The message of change of fashion apparel market, diversification, personalized market is increasingly prominent, many entrepreneurs want to do, try the garment industry, but how also don't know where to start, and unclear main styles and style, often put a lot of effort to choose the style, but can not catch this season hot clothing, is not to the ideal effect. According to the survey, the first choice for the purchase of clothing styles of men and women accounted for 33.59% and 43.12%. Quality factors to 29.58% ranked second, while the brand is the last 7.5%. Therefore, manufacturers should focus on design styles in the novel, different tastes and styles to cater to the modern clothing of the consumers. To be seen as a novelty oriented purchase desire.

People concerned about the T-shirt printing machine!

And the T-shirt printing machine is more and more attention, this is why? The traditional printing industry lags behind the production process is various, all eyes on new printing machine operation is simple; the moment with the labor costs are high, operators tend to single machine operation, both for operation time saving, and can save cost, T-shirt printing is undoubtedly the most good investment projects.

T-shirt printing machine several major investment advantages:

No need to purchase 1 advantages of resources, reduce the backlog of goods, T-shirt printing machine operation is convenient and flexible, according to various mainstream fashion magazine pictures on the style, to generate any picture format you can print out the effect on the same pattern with the picture effect in the computer, to design a new fashion dress.

2 can be selected in the field of current proofing. How many, how many, you can set the mass production.

3 cross print materials from the material constraints, in leather, clothing, printing all kinds of acrylic plate profile.

4 the use of simple and convenient, the operator does not require experience, just a computer, a simple picture processing, immediately started.

5 wide range of application industry, the prospect of large market potential. Can be used for: plate factory, advertising companies, printing factory, leather factory, bag factory, photo gallery, wedding photo studio, bamboo tile factory, factory, factory ceiling, canvas factory, PVC plastic factory, aluminum factory, all kinds of printing shop, glass factory, handicraft factory, computer shell, mobile phone shell, crystal factory, ceramics factory, silica gel factory.

6 printing effect is vivid, more color transition, precise location area, T-shirt printer to avoid the problem of manual printing in the location of the problem encountered.

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