Seeking to Improve Information Flow?

Drive forward your digital transformation, regardless of where you’re working, with our combined device and information management services and solutions designed to seamlessly integrate paper and digital. Delivered via the cloud, on-site or in a hybrid environment, our Digital Transformation Services help you achieve enhanced productivity, collaboration, security, compliance and sustainability goals.

Seeking to Improve Information Flow?

Managed Print Services

Create an optimised, secure and sustainable device infrastructure with Canon’s Managed Print Services and solutions, delivered in the way that suits you: via the cloud, on-site or in a hybrid environment.

Workspace Collaboration Solutions

A comprehensive, scalable and flexible suite of solutions that deliver content optimisation, process automation and document management, streamlining business processes.

Why Nuocai

Nuocai is a trusted partner to help you wherever you are on your digital transformation journey. We’ll be on hand at every step, offering our support and services to ensure you stay on the path to success.
Seeking to Improve Information Flow?

“Print and digital convergence in the future mobile workplace will demand more effective collaboration and communication”

Written by Quocirca print 2025 report
Drive productivity
Make your business more productive by combining efficient device infrastructure with the value of automation, advanced capture and cloud connectivity.
Improve collaboration & mobility
Make collaboration and remote working easier with solutions that enable seamless working from anywhere, including mobile printing and scanning to digital workflows.
Seeking to Improve Information Flow?

Enhance customer experience

Offer a more enriched customer experience with quality prints which convey your message effectively, and software which gives you better process visibility and enables you to deliver personalised, multi-channel communications.

Strengthen information security

Maintain information security and compliance standards with inbuilt device security and software solutions which protect business information throughout the document lifecycle.
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