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Similarities and differences between UV printers and ordinary printers

UV printers are more expensive than regular printers. What's the difference between them? UV printer in the end excellent in what place? So in the end UV printers and printers in the end where it is, how to distinguish between UV printers and ordinary printers do? About UV printer, flatbed printer, T-shirt printing machine, can focus on the Guangzhou nuocai UV printer manufacturers. Here is one of the ten major brands of digital printing machine, the promise of a small series for you to explain the next bar.

First of all: from their characteristics are divided into the following distinction.

Whether the 1 use of ink is the UV ink, the ink is some flat-panel printers use weak solvent or even sublimation of water.

2 the size of the print format. UV flatbed printer format size is generally: several specifications, large format printing.

3 print media thickness, thickness of the medium plate printer is generally, and some of the so-called universal printer media thickness is generally not more than.

4 flat-panel printers, because the UV lamp is equipped with a special lamp, much heat, for thin PVC, organic glass plate materials such as printing medium is heated and deformed, so be careful in print. UV flat printing is more suitable for printing hard, not easy to heat deformation, surface flat media.

5.UV printer can directly print out the relief effect, and ordinary flat printer is not.

The printer can be in the glass, acrylic, aluminum, steel, stone and other printing material attachment is extremely difficult, and the ordinary flat-panel printers generally only in cardboard, wood, plastic board for easy color printing.

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