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Shall we start over again?

I didn’t expect 26th June, 2016 could be a special day for Hasan Trade, our company and me. Shall we start over again? This is the question which Mr. Adil Hasan asked me several times during our first meet. Could we be able to over come the issue and go on? This is the also the question which I wanna ask myself again and again before taking action.


2016 February DPES SING EXPO CHINA was the third time that I attend this kind of Inkjet Printer field exhibition, busy, exciting, as usually. Three days passed, I also noticed that there was customer came to our booth almost everyday, and was just sitting there, did nothing, spoke to no one. And seems didn’t willing to speak to our people, just sat there quietly and stared at us.


On the last day of the exhibition, this customer waved and called upon me, and wanted to talk with you. He told me about his situation after we introduced each other, that he was an old customer from Bangladesh and bought one of our Small UV Flatbed Printer two years ago from a foreign sales who has been left our company, however, since of the after-sale service issue his customer returned back the print to him.


No complaint, no screaming or shouting on the exhibition, no bad action on the exhibition, this customer was just staring at my eyes and asked a question slowly, for several times “Shall we start over again?”


Yes, shall we start over again? Or just let us stuck here, forgot about it and didn’t meet with each other again and no future. Yes, this is might be a question to all the sales and suppliers, however, to us, the answer is clear if they understand our Nocai’s culture and how we do business, how we cooperate with our customers.


After finished the discussion with him I submitted this case to our management team and got their high attention to help and solve the issue. We settled with him that invited him to our factory for further discussion for the whole picture.


In the end, after his visiting, after long time meeting, we had a great agreement between us about how to help him to solve the last problem, how to continue our cooperate in the future, how to keep the good communication between each other to avoid this kind of the problems again.


Now Hasan Tade has become our sincerely partner of small flatbed uv flatbed printer in Bangladesh, with our closely cooperation, we all believe and have confidence for our bright future.


To be or not to be, this is the question Hamlet asked himself when he’s facing with the evil in his heart. Shall we start over again or shall we just stuck here, shall we look for the once off business, or the long term relationship with our customer, these are the questions which we always need to ask by ourselves.


I’m so happy for my right choice Nocai that give us full back up to face the cooperation issue with customer directly, I’m also so happy that Mr. Adil Hasan had the right choice to cooperate with us for the happy ending future.


“Shall we start over again?” my dear friend, the answer has already been clear.