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Phone Case Printer Machine

It is reported that in 2017, China's phone case printer machine market value has reached 2 billion.

Everyone knows that the birth of the mobile phone case, the former CEO of Apple Group, Steve Jobs, created the Iphone. After the IPhone came out, the price-performance ratio, quality and after-sales of the product were at the forefront of other products. At that time, the pursuit of Iphone mobile phones was a symbol and sign of the pursuit of fashion trends. It is precisely because of such enthusiasm that this emerging iPhone not only quickly occupied the market share, but also led to a series of progress in the entire industrial chain around it. Of course, mobile phones have driven the sales of products such as protective cases and protective sleeves.

The packaging industry is most inseparable from printing processing. Mobile phones are personal items, and the emphasis is on individualization and differentiation. Therefore, everyone has reached the ultimate need for personalized customization of mobile phone cases. For products that are also personalized, a cell phone case printing machine that can be customized is needed. Compared with traditional printing technology, uv phone case printer is the best choice for mobile phone case and mobile phone cover factory. Because the UV printer can be free of plate making, one order is available, and the color is rich, which reduces the processing time and cost.


Now, we have come to understand phone case printing machine before. Uv printer, we also call it universal printer, UV flatbed printer, UV universal flatbed printer. The digital Uv flatbed printer is a flat-panel digital inkjet printer. Its craft originates from a digital inkjet printer and has realized a certain variation in function. After the loading space is adjusted to a certain degree, it is possible to print a variety of products with regular and irregular shapes.
In the new face of mobile phone protective shells and protective covers, the digital universal flatbed printer has the most say. Before the appearance of Apple products, it has played its role in the protective shells of various other models, and consumers are completely convinced by it. Function.
The mobile phone protective shell printing is one of the functions of the digital flatbed printer. The operator only needs to directly place the mobile phone case on the printing platform of the UV universal flatbed printer, and then the computer can print the exquisite patterns on the surface of the mobile phone case, and the effect is very talented.


The excellent effects of Nuocai printers mainly come from the following points:

1. Excellent special ink. Take Nuocai's ink as an example. This kind of ink can be directly printed on plastic, TUP, PC and other materials. It is simple and convenient, and the color effect is very good.

2. Colorful digital printing. Digital universal flatbed printers usually print in 6 colors or 8 colors. Through the control program, you can mix thousands of colors you need and combine them into a refined image.

3. High-precision printing. This type of universal printer can generally achieve the highest accuracy of 2400dpi printing, which means that on a specific area, 2.5 pl ink droplets form an image. You can imagine how high its accuracy is.

Of course, in addition to printing Apple electronic products from the United States, our printers can also print electronic products from different regions. Of course, phone case printing machine can also printed, on other material, such as acrylic, glass, leather, wood and so on.