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Nothing Is More Important Than A Good Quality

Over seven years I’ve been joining Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co,. Ltd, to be as a foreign sale; Over seven years I’ve been dealing with the Nuocai brand uv printer and discussing with customers and meeting their requirements; Over seven years I’ve been doing after-sale service for Nuocai uv printer, the best uv flatbed printer in China.



What I learned from the customers and uv printer is how important the printer quality and the support, after-sale service, the customer can get from the supplier. Even each small spare parts could be a factor to effect the quality of the machine and the customer’s business. However, in fact, these are barely factors the customers will take into consider first in the beginning, only get to know it after using the machine.



Even the best price was given, customer usually would like to say: WOW, it’s too expensive, wanna further discount, cheaper price.

Can we make it more cheaper? Yes, we can.

Well, we can make it more cheaper,
if we use the lower quality body materials of the uv printer;
if we use the out fashion boards with less function, but not keep upgrading them;
if we modify the printer, but not produce with our own more better design;
if we change the automatic capping/feed-in/take-up system to manual handle ones;
if we use the lower quality print head, sensor, motor, power supply box...
If we...