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Large Format UV Flatbed Printers or Small Format UV Flatbed Printers?


Today, Nuocai helps you analyze their advantages and disadvantages to learn all about them.

Small format UV flatbed printers use epson printhead with high-precision 1440*1440. The slow speed is suitable for small quantity production, personalized customization, quick sample making, low cost, small space and flexible mobility.

Large-format UV printers use industrial printhead with low precision, fast speed, suitable for large quantity production, high cost, Big space and poor fluidity.
Below I focus on cost, production, machine stability

1.The cost:
We all know that the price of a large format UV printer is almost equivalent to three-piece small format UV flatbed printers.And more important is about the printhead.printhead is consumable.3pcs printheads(CMYK+White+Varnish) for large format printers cost about 36000rmb, but 3pcs printhead(CMYKLcLm+White+Varnish) for small UV flatbed printers cost about 4500rmb.we can see the difference in the cost.

2.The production
The Large format printer printing speed is about 8m2/h(true speed). but a small format UV flatbed printer only 1.5m2/h(True speed). This is the advantage of large format UV printers. There is no doubt, Large quantity production and low precision, large UV printer is the best choice. But if you need high-precision printing, you still need to choose a small format UV flatbed printer.

3.Machine stability.
For large UV printer, the platform will be deformed due to overweight after one year. It makes an offset during printing. Therefore, people who are familiar with the printers know that the second half of the large UV printer will not be used after one year which seriously affects the production efficiency. In contrast, The small format UV flatbed printers will not cause table deformation due to platform pressure during long-time use.



The basket effect:
All the eggs are placed in a basket. Once the basket is broken, the eggs are all gone, But the eggs are divided into three baskets. One of the baskets is broken, and two other baskets of eggs are left.
In the same way, the same cost for a large-format UV printer and three small format UV flatbed printers. Once the large-format UV printer has a problem, the production will be forced to stop because there was no replacement of the parts, which caused the delay in finding the printer problem. But if you own three pieces small format UV flatbed printers, one is broken, the other two can continue to produce and it is easy to find the printer problem in time from replacing the accessories on the other two printers.

It is the key to choose the right printer according to your needs.