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How To Solve The Problem Of UV Curing?

 Nowadays the uv printing is wildly used in many industry fields, however, sometime it’ll meet the uv ink curing problem during the process of uv printing that the uv ink is not cured completely and the material surface is still sticky after printing. This is obviously the unsatisfactory printing results. How could this problem caused? And how to solve this problem to ensure the high printing quality? Here try to give some solutions below:


  • The power of the uv lamp which cures the uv ink is not enough.


There’s three elements which will effect the UV lamp curing function:


(1). Spectrum: The light emitted by a light source such as a UV lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the cured product.


(2) . Intensity: It means whether the light emitted by the light source is sufficient, can cause photochemical reaction of the cured product or not. The curing strength requirements are different since the volume & nature of the cured materials(UV ink, glue) are various.


(3). Curing speed: If the curing speed is too fast it might be cure completely. Yet, if it’s too slow and it might have a bad effect on the cured product, like the pattern will be cracked, bonding strength will not be fine. The curing speed varies depends on the cured product.


The fast printing speed of the UV printer is also responsible for the incomplete curing of the UV ink and the sticky surface. In this case, we could slow down the printing seed or increase the uv lamp power to have a better curing effect.


  •  UV curing light tube aging.


The UV lamp means the lamp that emits ultraviolet light and it is accompanied by high heat when it emits light since it’s not only excites ultraviolet rays, but also with the infrared emission. The wavelength of light is concentrated at about 365mm, and the ratio of infrared rays is different since the different quality of the lamp tube. The normal domestic UV lamp is about 30%, yet the imported UV lamp has 40-50% content and the imported uv lamp with the lower heat during production, which will allow it be used more longer.


As the electrode of the lamp is gradually decomposed, the inner wall of the lamp tube is deposited, and the transmittance of transparency and ultraviolet light is gradually weakened. Therefore, the lamp of the uv printer should be periodically detected, and the lamp tube should be replaced in time.


  • The Nature of the UV ink.

UV curing means the certain photochemical reaction that occurs on the UV ink or UV coating which under the effective irradiation of ultraviolet light and the UV ink or UV coating solidified to form a pattern from the liquid state. If the ink or coating’s curing speed are too slow it’ll effect the cured pattern quality. We should add the curing accelerator, reduce the printing speed to solve this problem.