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How To Select The Proper UV Ink ?

UV printers can print many flat materials, and more and more people are beginning to use UV printers to process or process products. The market application of UV flatbed printers is becoming more and more common and sophisticated, and more and more industries and materials are involved, such as home decoration customization, building materials customization, advertising, mobile phone accessories, standard logos, handicrafts, decorative paintings, etc. However, there are many types of UV inks in the UV market. How should we choose? Aa a China uv flatbed printer manufacturer, Nuocai have some advise on it:

The more familiar with UV ink, the more worry-free the manufacturer will use it. UV ink is divided into flexible ink and inflexible ink.



Flexible ink, it was called Soft ink, too. It can be printed on soft materials, and there will be no faults when the material is distorted. The ink layer is too soft, and it is easy to leave scratch marks on hard materials.



Inflexible ink, called Hard ink : When printing harder materials, use hard ink. Hard ink has stronger adhesion and weakest stretch and bending performance. When the material is distorted, the printed pattern will crack.


Due to the development of UV printers, it can be used in more industries. For novices, the question of whether UV printing is waterproof is a common question.