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How To Proceed The UV DTF With Digital Printing Machine?

UV DTF printing has become a famous printing method, which could transfer uv ink on various kinds of products. Nowadays, most of the digital uv flatbed printer supplier in China are promoting it to all the customers and the customers are also very excited since it seems find a way and solution to print uv ink on special materials with a more easier way.

This happens to our clients as well, and they are wonder if they can do it with our Nocai digital printer. We totally understand more and more people gonna be interested in it. However, do you really know about it? What the UV DTF is? How to proceed it? Any problem?


Fellow us and you’ll know more.

Question 1: What is the UV DTF printing?



1.1 UV DTF printing is a new method to use the digital printing machine and uv ink, and suit to special shape products, or any products which is not suitable to print by flatbed printer directly, which will give more possibility for us to use the uv ink and apply on more products.

1.2 In this way, it’s really the goods news for some clients who has the products yet not suitable for flatbed uv printer before.

1.3 Of course, for the products that suitable for flatbed printer printing, no need to use UV DTF, keep printing directly. We’ll explain more in question 2 part.

Question 2: How to proceed the UV DTF printing?

2.1 First you need to prepare the digital printing machine, uv ink, A & B film, lamination machine, product;

2.2 Put the A film on the table of the machine;

2.3 Do setup in printing software and finish printing;

2.4 Laminate the A film with B film;

2.5 Cut the film and then transfer the ink on products, like use the sticker. Remove the film and the UV ink will be stick on the surface of product.

These are the processes of proceeding UV DTF, that’s why we say if you can print directly by the digital printing machine, just do it and save time. 




Question 3: The advantage and disadvantage of the UV DTF printing?

UV DTF printing helps to transfer uv ink on more products which couldn’t be printed by flatbed printer directly. Or the special part of the products which not suitable for flatbed printer printing.  Like the below items.




3.2 Disadvantage:

3.2.1 First, the effect will be limited by the glue quality of A film. There are variously kinds of the A film and its quality depends on the glue on it, which will effect the bonding strength of the uv ink.

Different prices, which one is the best?



3.2.2 Second, the process of transferring the uv ink could be a disaster when face the below situations:

Difficult to remove the A film. It’ll hard to remove the a film and sometimes will take a long time to do it. More labor cost will be spent on it.




UV ink easy to be broken, especially for small text or line.


UV ink don’t stick on product surface.


4.Question 4: How’s the bonding strength?

Just so so, not as good as the products printed by printer directly. UV DTF printing only for the products don’t request good bonding strength.



UV DTF is a good solution for some special shape products, yet, it’s far away to say it’s the perfect way to go, to much limitation.
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