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How To Maintain The UV Printer Head ?

The print head nozzles will be easily damaged or blocked if the customer doesn’t know how to do the maintenance of it, which always happens to the new customer who buy the flatbed digital printing machine and never used it before. We should be aware of that the best way to keep the print head nozzles in perfect condition is keep doing the daily maintenance of the head, too avoid the nozzle clogging problem as far as possible.

The following are some steps:

1. Print head maintenance in the beginning of the machine installation

In order to make the print head nozzles achieve to the best working condition, had better to use one or two days to do the printing test as far as possible and let the head get use to the printing job and try to use all the nozzles for printing. Had better choose the picture which need to use all the CMYK+W for printing and keep CMYK+W nozzles are always working during the test.



2. Print head maintenance after daily work

After all the printing jobs are finished everyday, please follow the below steps, in order to keep  the head nozzles in good working condition and avoid the nozzle clogging problem due to the vocalization of uv ink.

2.1. Turn off the uv printer;
2.2. Clean the surface of the cap top and remove any dirty on it and keep it moist;
2.3. Move the cart to right side , back to the capping system position, and keep the cap top seal with the print head complete;
2.4. Keep the head in that condition for overnight;
2.5. Next day before printing should check the nozzle test till it’s perfect, or don’t print, yet fix the problem.



3. Solution of head nozzle slightly clogging problem

Everyday before printing or during the printing, shouldn’t print or stop the printing immediately once find there’s color missing, line breaks.


the treatment method after the nozzle is slightly blocked:

3.1. After the nozzle is found to have a slight clogging phenomenon, press the PAUSE button to pause the printing operation without hesitation. Then use a syringe or a manual air pump to spray the ink from the nozzle to clean the nozzle. After cleaning, use a plastic squeeze bottle. Spray some cleaning solution onto the nozzle surface to wash away residual ink.

Note: Do not use excessive force when using the manual pump, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

3.2, timely and decisive and thorough handling of the nozzle slightly blocked is very important to maintain the best working state of the nozzle during long-time printing!

3.3. In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the condition of the nozzle and find out the cause of the nozzle blockage.