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How to maintain the machine

In this era of economy high speed development, uv flatbed printer’s appearance has bring more now chance for different industries. It can print on glass, ceramic, acrylic, wood, metal, leather and advertising etc. Compare with traditional printing equipment, uv flatbed printer can wide use in different area and materials, at the same, the speed will faster and resolution will higher. Most importantly is uv flatbed printer is easy to operation, can save more labor cost, because one worker can control one to two printers at the same time.

UV flatbed printer is easy to use, but we still need to learn how protect the printer, reduce the loss of machines, following is some tips:

Material surface refraction too strong

Because uv ink need UV LED lamp to make it dry, if the surface refraction too strong, when printing the materials will reflex the uv lamp light to the print head,cause uv ink is dry before it spray out and make the print head block.Thereby,the print head scrap.

High temperature,strong acid, strong base and so on process after printing

When uv ink meet high temperature,strong acid, strong base will reduce the adhesion of ink, so that make the picture fall off and transfiguration.

Soak,Clean nozzle

Although put the print head on the cleaner for long time will removal of stains more effectually, cleaner have corrosive. If the time over 48h,it will influence the nozzle, so the print head can’t put on the cleaner soak for long time, just need to take some to clean the print head.

So, protect the printer in a right way will expand the life to the printer. At the same time can reduce the cost of input.