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Guangzhou Nocai Newest Uv Flatbed Printer

In 2019 , we update our fourth generation of NC-UV0609, which get high praise from every customers .

The biggest highlight of this machine is the high printing accuracy. NC-UV0609 (2019) equipped with famous British Xaar nozzels with 128 channels for high-quality images up to 1440DPI , even we print very small letters , the sharpness still keep high level.

Xaar nozzles utilize MEMS techology Suitable for printing UV ink, thermal transfer, weak solvent or water-based ink, the application level covers industrial printing such as advertising and digital textile.Not only does MEMS technology provide superior quality with high print speed, high print accuracy and high reliability, but it is also compact enough for a wide range of industrial applications.

After a long period of contact and understanding with the British Xaar company, we believe that the Xaar 1201 can achieve stable, high - quality uv flatbed printer, and the high adaptability of multiple inks allows us to better meet the needs of our customers.


In market ,most customers has strong demand in printing luggage ,furniture and home appliance cover that all with super height. In order to meet the needs of most customers,our professional R&D team invent a brand new uv flatbed printer going through about 9 months day and night hard-working.

1. NC-UL600 is CMYK LcLm W and Varnish . It can print white , color and Varnish at the same time with high precision printing while maintaining accuracy

2. With 3 different height level , 0-200mm,200-400mm,400-600mm; full color and high speed with super height can achieve all products printing.

3. Control system upgrade: tablet computer of machine will not make customers connect external computer again ,more easy to operate.

4. New capping station design: Carriadge self-locked device,locking the carriadge to avoid moving while not working,lifting capping design reduce the risk to get nozzels blocked and also with mart cleaning and moisturizing function ,if long time don’t use the machine. 

5. Intelligent ink supply system:New board control, intelligent stirring ink system, white ink stirring function, ink circulation system in the ink tube to prevent ink deposition.

Once the machine is going into the market, it has received extensive attention. 10pcs are

Sold out in one month, users also return good feedback to us when they put machine into production.