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Doing business all over the world--Indian Part

September 26, 2016, we three people, left Guangzhou for New Delhi, India and began our abroad trip in India, a mystery world covered with mist and we were going to explore part it.

New Delhi Media Expo is one of the biggest advertising fair in India, and the biggest one in north India and this was one of the reasons why we were here. When we arrived at New Delhi airport, what welcomed us was that the sunny morning which would put a smile on your face. Then our adventure in India has began, and we thought we’ d have a new and difference experience here.

We arrived at the fair booth of our agent on 28th, September and we worked together with our agent to decorate the booth. There had 232 exhibitors attended this fair, and showed their products in this 20000sqm place. Even though the competition here was very hard, as a experienced digital printer manufacturer who has its own advanced technology, design, produce printers, our small format machines had big advantage in this field.

During the three days of this fair, so many customers visited our agent booth and showed great interests to Nocai brand uv printer. Salesmen introduced the printer to customers and showed customers how to use and maintain the printer patiently. Nocai uv printers earned the high recognition from Indian customers.

After finishing the fair, agent and we took a few days to visit the customers in New Delhi, Ludhiana, Simla and helped to solve their printers’  issues.

During this period, one day at 2:40 Indian time(China time 5:10), because of the emergency issue of one customer's printer, we visited that customer in New Delhi our engineer Mr. Wang helped to solve the machine problem without stopping and resting till machine worked fine. We were so proud of his spirit of serving customer.

Next morning, we went to our agent’s office and factory, in order to improve our cooperation, we met their sales, engineer and Mr. Sanjeev Budhiraja to discuss the strategies and future of promote our printer in Indian market, discuss and solve the problem of the printer, and how to improve our relationship of Nuocai and Regal Enterprises.   

When we were on the car back to hotel after our visit of their factory, I watched out of the window and the sadness feeling softly rose in my heart. Indian is our neighborhood, we are all developing countries and we are so similar in many parts, and we saw the changes here. However the changes were too slow, like the slow life style here. Both of us, Mr. Sanjeev Budhiraja and me, wanted to do something, something that could do a little change and improvement here.

Even though we wanted stay in India longer and wanted to visit more places and customers, however, time was limited. We went to Mr. Sanjeev Budhiraja’s house and had dinner with his family. When we were there, we truly felt that we were not only the guests here, we were not only business partner, but brothers from different countries.

We sincerely invited Mr. Sanjeev Budhiraja to visit our China and our factory soon, we believed that our next meeting would be pleasant and fruitful as well.