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Do you know Principle and Application of Five-color UV printer ?

Normally, the five colors ink version printing quality and effect of the UV printing machine will be able to meet the market’s requirement and these five colors ink are C(Cyan), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow), B(Black) and W(White). The other colors could be blended by color software based on these five colors. However, sometimes in order to meet more higher printing quality or customization color requirements, we could add the LC(Light Cyan), LM(Light Magenta), LK(Light Black) and LLK(Light Light Black) UV inks, usually, which is also used by most of the suppliers in the market, will just add the LC and LM.

In normal situation, the standard configuration for UV printing machine is 5 colors(CYMK+W), yet, since the different kinds print head there’s will request various number of the head to match with the 5 colors’ printing, sometimes just needs 1pcs print head, sometimes needs 3, or even needs 5. For example:

1. Epson DX5 print head, 8 nozzle channels, one channels can print one color, then just need 1 print head can print all those five colors;

2. Epson TX800 print head, 6 ink channels, can use one head to print all those five colors, or one head for CMYK LC LM, one head for 6 white, which is configuration of our currect NC-UV0609 double heads printer;

3. Ricoh G5 head, 2 channels, at least need 3 print heads for 5 colors printing;

4. Toshiba CE4M head, 1 channel, need 5 heads for 5 color printing.


There are two kinds of the print head, one is the industrial used head, like Toshiba & Ricoh, another kind is non-industrial used head, like Epson. And we need to understand that the more color one head can print at once, the less speed it’ll have. Industrial used head is more suitable for the big format and heavy duty industry production. The non-industrial used head is more suitable for customized printing for the small gift items, promotional items.


The uv printer 5 colors printing effect can meet the following requirements:

1. Ordinary color printing: Print color patterns on the transparent, black and darkness color materials;

2. 3D effect: Print a visual 3d effect pattern on the surface of the material;

3. Embossing effect: Print with uneven effect with layers of white ink on the material surface and it’ll give the hand touch feeling.


How to do the update for the whole system once the 5 colors printing quality is not be satisfied.

1. On hardware: Add new nozzles, ink cartridges, ink roads, supercharged versions and other spare parts;

2. Software: Upgrade the original control software and color software.


In this way, the uv printer can achieve more color printing effects such as 7 colors, 8 colors, or even the 9 colors.

Of course choose the right uv printer supplier is more important for you to use the machine to have high quality printer and do the maintenance for the printer.


We, Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co., Ltd owns 100 workers, 4000㎡ factory building, 11 years experience in the uv printer field, over 20 agents in all over the world, professional after sale service team, ISO & CE certificated, located in Guangzhou city near Guangzhou and Shenzhen port, this is how we keep superior quality and competitive offers for global valued customers.                                                                                                                                                         


Our main products are Digital uv printer, DTG printer, which will be able to print on almost all the flat materials, even OK for some round surface ones; suitable for promotional customized items printing, with 3D embossing effect quality and varnish. NC-UV0406 printer with single head and be able to print with 5 colors, NC-UV0609 printer with double print heads even adds LC & LM & Varnish based on the 5 colors. Don’t loose the chance to make the right decision.