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Customer Site - 21 units phone cases print

As we are selling small size UV flatbed printer,customers who bought our machines are mainly for small size items printing but not advertising field,like the phone case,all kinds of small promotional items(pen,pencil,pvc card,wood,small metal signs,glass,acrylic sheet and so on),especially the most popular industry,phone case printing.

As phone are changing models very fast,so as the phone case.So phone case printing becomes a very popular business which is born to meet customers’ needs.

If you have a picture,our machine can print those pictures you would like to print on your phone case,that means you can put on whatever picture you would like on your own phone case.

This is what we called customized phone case printing.


Here,we would like to share a customer case. Fanfeng Technology is a factory in Guangzhou who mainly print phone case for customer,he has very mass production which is at least 25000 pieces case per day.This customer bought 21 units 2016 60*90cm model from us since 2013,he bought the machine one by one and for more until there were 21 units.

There are lots of reasons why we can cooperate for such a long time until now,for a end user,this is very unique.

The objective reason is the market.In 2013 year,there are lots of opportunity and customers’ needs,and less producer for this phone case printing business.

But the most important reason is that the mutual trust between we two companies.This customer trusts our machine quality and he is willing to take times to visit our factory for training or sharing his problems during using the machine,his feedback are the sources we keep moving on.

Another most important reason we can figure out is that we especially our after sale department are responsible for customers.

We have a strong after sale service team,and we have technician who are very good at machine mixing and maintenance. We will call or message customers who has just installed the machine for the first week everyday and check their machine working condition,also when they has some technical problem which did not understand,we analyze them in detail also support them step by step.

And whenever he has problems can not solve,we will teach him online first and if problems still can not be solved,we will send a technician to his place directly.

It is our responsible and on-time services that makes us keep a long term cooperation ship.