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Customer Appraise For Nuocai Digital UV Printer

Once, our customer say our printer price is much expensive than other UV printer supplier in China than others, while we gave response that a good product makes great results. After get the history of NUOCAI UV printer,they finally gavee us a big thumb and release order. May you will feel strange,now,let’s see what happened.


The Evolution of 0406 Series Machines



Background: In 2005, involved in the flatbed printer industry and began to modify EPSON 4880 printers. In the end of 2006, modified EPSON Pro 7800 printers. It had a wider application industry and laid a foundation for the development of the UV flatbed printing industry.


The first self design small-format UV flatbed printer with independent boards, and the first definition of a printing format of 60*40cm. It works with EPSON DX5 single head, prints white & color at the same time.


Since the price increasing of DX5 head, in order to save cost, it has been specially developed and designed and replaced with the EPSON TX800 head with same resolution yet lower cost.


The upgraded customized printer with 200mm print height, which could print on both flat and cylindrical materials


Optimized and upgraded on the basis of the third generation, with new suction platform & electric cylinder clamp, which will be more convenient to use and with more accurate printing.


The Evolution of 0609 Series Machines



In 2009, in response to the diverse needs of customers, on the basis of NC-610A, EPSON Pro9800, Mouth 900C, Mouth1604, Mimaki JV33, etc. were refitted, with a larger printing format and a greater increase in speed.


1st generation

In 2013, the first model 6090UV flatbed printer in the world. Defined the 60*90cm printing format for the first time and created the development of this format model in the UV printing industry


2nd generation

Fashional rose gold appearance, Dual EPSON TX800 design, 6 colors + white, delicate color performance, and the speed is doubled. With upgraded ink supply system and higher stability.


3rd generation

The appearance is classic black and white, the functions are fully upgraded. EPSON TX800 dual nozzle staggered design, 6 colors + white + varnish, improve printing speed and increase bright printing


4th generation

X series
The XAAR 1201 print head imported from the UK has the highest resolution of 2400dpi, and the printing effect is comparable to imported similar products. It can achieve 13mm high drop printing.


Pro series
EPSON i3200-U1H dual print head design, print white & color at the same time, speed can reach 2.5sqm/h- 8sqm/h, fine ink dots, mass production is optimal.


PE series
Since the transformation of print head market, in order to meet the requirements of different customers, EPSON XP600 dual/three heads printer were designed, which prints white, color & varnish at the same time, cost-effective, and with a wide audience. Upgrade in 2020, the printing height will be increased to 180mm, and electric clamps can be installed for curved surface printing.


Technology Award



NUOCAI UV Printer is the king of small size uv printer. We like the iphone in the cellphone industry,like the BWM in the car industry. So,we proudly say:we worth it. We are here,welcome for new dealer to cooperate.