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Can't keep up with production capacity, don't worry! UV printer can effectively solve the problem

Compared with traditional printing, the main advantages of uv printer flatbed are simple operation, high precision, fast printing speed and strong stability. Among them, the fast printing speed is one of the reasons why processing and printing companies are tempted. Today Nocai talks about how to increase the speed of UV printers for processing and printing companies that have purchased UV printers.




First, Upgrade the hardware directly to increase the speed. The nozzles have been greatly improved from Epson nozzles to Xaar nozzles, and the speed can be directly doubled. In addition, the number of nozzles directly affects the printing speed. When buying a  uv printer flatbed, It is necessary to ask about the number of nozzles.


Second, The speed can be adjusted on the software. On the one hand, setting the motor speed in the software can increase by more than 30%; on the other hand, adjusting the printing mode, there is a big difference in the draft mode→standard mode→high precision mode. When selecting, if the accuracy is required Not particularly high, you can choose production mode and sketch mode, which can greatly improve production efficiency.


Third,Improve the configuration of PC computers. When drawing, you need to use software such as PS and AI to improve the computer configuration, especially the memory of the pc computer, which can greatly improve the drawing speed. In addition, improving the computer configuration can effectively improve the data transmission between the computer and the device.


Take screen printing as an example: the printing process needs to go through multiple processes, which takes a long time and cannot keep up with production capacity. And uv printer flatbed, not to mention the scope of printing, directly from the operation process, it only needs to be transmitted to the machine through PIR software, and it can be directly printed into a pattern, which greatly improves the production efficiency.




Nowadays, there are many manufacturers producing uv printer flatbed, and the printing platforms are of different sizes. Entrepreneurs can come and learn about our china a2 size uv printer flatbed. Our A2 size uv printer has undergone 3 generations of updates. Now the fourth generation of our machine is on the market, and its stability has been tested for several years.


Why doesn't the editor recommend buying china a3 uv printer flatbed? The size is too small, the printable area is too small, and the restriction is relatively large. However, the china a2 size uv printer flatbed platform is relatively large, requiring only one person to operate it, Can print pens 300-500 pieces a day.




Our Nocai is a2 size uv printer flatbed factory, welcome to can call our editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers.Nocai is uv printing machine manufacturers.  Candice Chen 18664538711