Visiting Drupa exhibition with Nocai [Day 1], multiple printing technology refreshing people’s horizon and leading enterprises gathering together

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  • 2024-06-05
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  With the development of the global printing industry, major manufacturers show the latest technology and products in the international printing exhibition. The 2024 Drupa printing exhibition will bring together a large number of printing equipment manufacturers to present a wonderful feast of printing technology. The Drupa printing exhibition, held every four years, is highly influential and authoritative. This year's fair will be held at the German Düsseldorf from May 28th to June 7th , attracting global printers, professionals and the media to discuss and envision the future of the printing industry.


  Among the exhibitors, digital inkjet printing technology will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of the exhibition. Digital inkjet printer has attracted much attention in recent years due to its high accuracy, high efficiency and high environmental protection. The major printing equipment manufacturers will bring their latest products and technology to show the wide applications and prospects for UV printing.


  As a well-known digital inkjet printing technology brand in China, Nocai will diplay the following printers: NC-DLP-120 label printer, NC-CylinderElf-III cylinder printer, NC-HIJ-A3 carton printer, NC-UVDTF60 printer, NC-UV0609MAX-II high-end UV printer, NC-UVA3MAX desktop printer. Among these printers, the NC-DLP -120 label printer has the ultra-high printing accuracy and speed, which can meet the high-end commercial printing and packaging printing needs. Nocai focuses on eco-friendly UV printing technology, which adopts low energy consumption and emission. It can meet the urgent demand of the current society for Green Environment.


  In addition, the Drupa exhibition will also focus on sustainable development and circular economy and other hot topics. UV printer manufacturers will actively respond to it, showing its achievements in energy-saving, emission-reduction and resource recovery and other aspects of the latest results. This not only embodies corporate social responsibility, but also provides strong support for the green transformation of the printing industry.


  The 2024 Drupa printing exhibition is an important platform for digital inkjet printer manufacturers to show their power and exchange technology. We believe that in this exhibition, we will see more innovative products and technology debut, promoting the printing industry to a higher level.

  Time: 28th,May,2024- 7th,June 4, 2024

  Exhibition Name: 2024 printing exhibition in Düsseldorf, Drupa

  Exhibition hall: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

  Address of the exhibition hall: P.O.B. 10 10 06, D-40001 Düesseldorf Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, D-40474 Düesseldorf, Germany

  Booth: 5A03

  The exhibition continues, welcome to visit !

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