Industries Have Bigger Demands For Small Format UV Printers

  • By:NOCAI
  • 2022-05-20
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In recent years, there have been more and more promotion industries applied to UV printers, and it is known to all of us. The advantages of UV printer customization and small batch production are very prominent. At the same time, its appearance has made printing forms diverse. Compared with traditional screen printing and pad printing, UV printing no longer requires film screen printing, which greatly reduces lead time and the cost. Why is it often said that it is a flat material killer? Because it can not only print on soft and hard flat materials, but also print varnish, 3D, relief, high dropping, gradient color and other effects. The following is the application industry of digital flatbed printers taking Nocai uv printer manufacturers as an example.

1. Leather industry:

We all know that leather is not only expensive, but also has good texture, so it is a high-end luxury. There are many defects in traditional leather printing: unable to print gradient and transition colors, difficult to print after heating, changing colors, etc., while printing through UV printer does not have these problems, it can make the product colorful and bring us better visual effect.

2. Advertising industry:

Ordinary acrylic signs, PVC display boards, KT boards, etc. are all printed by UV printers, because the UV ink used in UV printing has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear resistance, non-fading, and durability, which is highly in line with the needs of advertising industry products.

3. Home decoration industry:

Glass, ceramics, metal plates, plates, etc. With the emergence of small format uv printers, personalized production or creative production is no longer a problem. Take small format uv printer in decorative lights as an example, the surface of many lights on the market is full of various patterns, which are printed by UV printing process, which greatly increases the added value of products and increases product sales. .