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Applications of UV Printer Desktop In Various Fields

UV flatbed printing machine can print almost flat materials like PVC,PC,TPU,PU,wood,glass ceramic,metal,acrylic etc, compared with traditional technologies, uv flatbed printing machine  has greater printing effect, easier operation and lower production cost. These advantages make UV be used more widely .


Guangzhou Nuocai Digital products Co.,Ltd , focus on small uv printer for 14 years,main size is 600*900mm and 600*400mm. New arrival, NC-UV0609PEIII ,3pcs print heads, for CMYK Lclm and W&V, colorful printing make more vivid effect. White and varnish make 3D embossing effect ,which is partially embellished, making the picture more real and concrete.



Desktop UV flatbed printer recently has been shown in many industries like cosmetic, phone case,souveni,label and signs,promotional gifts etc, we still believe new application will be found in the future.The diversity of materials make desktop UV flatbed printer be a more potential product in market . We devote ourselves doing best quality and best service for each customer. If you had friends using Nocai printer now, pls do not forget to ask him about the experience .



How desktop UV flatbed printer supports to increase the value of product ?

As we know, UV printing cost :15ml/sqm. For example , printing one phone case just needs 0.01USD. This low cost push lots of customers to buy one printer, because this equipment can supports them to open a new market and very beneficial for their business .


How to make a simple phone case become a goods with high value?

Here is one phone case without any decoration. Let us assume that its cost is 1USD. If it is sold directly to customers, then its price should be 2USD. Using UV technology to print latest images on these phone case, the price can rise to 3-4USD or more.


Nowadays, the popularity of fashion brands has become a trend. UV machines can be used as transmitters of fashion brand culture, printing the creativity of artists on phone cases through UV machines, your phone case is not only an artwork, but also a kind of attitude. The cost of the phone case itself will not vary greatly, but the ideas and concepts transmitted through the phone case are vastly different. And our UV machine is like an airplane, carrying your concept design and landing on the concrete object.


Of course, there are also personalized customization functions supported by UV printer printer desktop that cannot be ignored. Just to offer your idea or images, which UV printer printer desktop can print on “anywhere”. Small UV desktop printer is very popular for online business. For these customers,their office is small,and they need a printer that is easy to operate and maintain. To choose a small uv printer is a great choice for them