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Advantages And Disadvantages of UV Flatbed Printers

The uv flatbed printer is not a stranger to the printing industry. It is known for its high efficiency, stability, high definition and fast speed. Not every machine could be in this way. There are more than 100 domestic manufacturers, and there are more than 100 brands. With so many choices, no one knows which one is the best to be chosen, based on the news published on the Internet only. The price of the machine is high, and you will lose more than the gain if you buy it wrong.


Then which brand and its supplier should the customer cooperate with? Of course, depends on the strength of the manufacturer. What does the manufacturer's strength represent? The answer is self-evident, representing whether the machine is good, whether it is guaranteed, whether it is reliable, etc. This is all necessary for buying a uv flatbed printer. The strength of Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Co., Ltd. can withstand the test, the inspection, and the scrutiny. Nowadays, the market's pursuit is more personalized, small batches, high precision, environmental protection, and high efficiency have become the necessary requirements of the market. So what are the market advantages of the best uv flatbed printers? What are the advantages of universal flatbed printers suitable for small-cost entrepreneurship ?


Advantages of uv printer

1. Greatly meet people's individual needs

The uv printer meets people's individual needs to the greatest extent. The design sample can be modified on the computer at will. The effect on the computer is the effect of the finished product, which can be directly produced after the customer is satisfied.


2. Efficient and flexible

In the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product from design, proofing to delivery, but the finished product can be obtained in 2-5 minutes by applying UV printer technology, and the production batch is not limited, and the real small batch, multi-variety, and high-efficiency production process. The process flow is short, and the finished product is after printing, without the need for post-processing such as steaming and water washing; the flexibility is strong, and the customer can print out in a short time after choosing the scheme.


3. Green environmental protection is basically pollution-free

No water, no sewage, the UV printer is controlled by a computer, inkjet on demand, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise during the printing process, and a pollution-free green production process is realized.


4. Pay attention to details and make the colors richer

UV printing is rich in colors, whether it is full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to print, and it is fully capable of color photo-level effects. The patterns are fine, the levels are rich and clear, the artistry is high, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. White ink can be used to print embossed patterns, making the patterns come alive, and more importantly, the printing process is not troublesome at all. Just like a household printer, it can be formed at one time, and it can be printed and dried, which is unmatched by ordinary production technology. Visible UV printers The future development space is unlimited.

The disadvantages of uv printers:  

1. The cost of ink

Compared with ordinary water-based ink, the price is 1 times higher. The fatal shortcomings of uv printers When choosing uv printers, it is more necessary to proceed according to the needs of their own materials. Each printing equipment has its own printing field and should be selected according to local conditions.


2. Restrictions on some products

There are restrictions other than flat products. At present, circular and curved products cannot be printed. Generally, flat products have a drop within 15mm. Of course, printing can be done beyond this range, but the effect is not so ideal.


3.Good and bad products mixed up together

At present, domestic UV printers are mixed, and some are modified by Epson machines. Some manufacturers do not really tell customers the advantages and disadvantages of the machine in order to sell. The main reasons for not telling the customer about the shortcomings are: 1. The machine itself has problems; 2. Certain types of machines are not suitable for printing certain products, such as ceramic background walls and glass and other Epson modified UV ink printing machines. Suitable, but some manufacturers only have this kind of machine, so it is impossible to tell this.


4. The price of the machine is not uniform at all

Customers who don’t know well may only know the size of the machine’s printing area. I asked this manufacturer at this price, and another manufacturer at another price. Often many customers feel that the machine should be almost the same, and buy whichever price is cheaper. Which manufacturer. In fact, the customer found that it was a disadvantage after purchasing the machine, but it was too late. Price is of course important. The prerequisite is that only if the same machine is configured with the same price can the price be comparable, otherwise there must be something wrong. Here, Gznuocai has uv flatbed printer for sale at reasonable price.


Tell us based on the actual experience of the customer buying the machine:

1. Take your own products to print samples and confirm that the effect is what you want.

2. Actually visit the manufacturer on site. Don't believe in the so-called TV advertisements and online advertisements. You must go to the manufacturer to see the manufacturer and the machine to see the effect of the on-site printing.

3. Confirm what series and configuration of the machine you want, otherwise you can’t say that what you said is a UV flatbed printer modified by Epson, then you will lose a lot.

4. Determine the machine and determine the printing speed.

5. What after-sales service can the manufacturer actually provide!

6. The sale of uv flatbed printers is not the same as clothes and pants, and the cost of refunding clothes and pants is low, so friends who bought the machine are welcome to study the machine carefully for their own business.