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A Brief Guide to UV Printer

uv inkjet printer can replace traditional printers not only with speed, stability and accuracy, but also with its unique advantages to directly print computer files on materials. uv printer is different from traditional printing which with the cumbersome process and is a modern new printing method.




With the rapid development of industry, the country has become more and more serious about the environmental pollution requirements of enterprises, and the country has also vigorously promoted environmental protection on the problem of pollution, and the uv printer is in compliance with environmental protection standards, which is also very important and helpful for its future development. Now  flatbed inkjet printer will not cause any sewage or water pollution since it’s not water requirement. And we can print at any time, any demand. There is no any noise during the printing process, too. It can complete the pollution-free green production process. It is a good friend of environmental protection.




Nowadays, the market pursues innovation and creativity. The more special things are more popular, the pursuit of ideas is to break the old concepts, while traditional machines can’t meet the unconstrained creativity, but uv inkjet printer can achieve everything you want to express. For the photo printing, the only limit is your imagination.  These works can also be directly modified on the computer, and can be printed and produced until the customer is satisfied.


The uv inkjet printer is fully digital, and you can modify the original pictures on the computer if you want. It is convenient for customers to provide modified printing, that is, You can change the picture while printing, and real zero inventory. This flexible and fast printing method can provide customers with Active advantage in a competitive environment where every second counts.




Take our A2 size uv printer as an example. In 2013, it was the first domestic small-scale UV flatbed printer with independent boards, and it was the first to define a print format of 60*40cm. After 3 generations of improvements, we finally formed our current fourth generation machine, a flat and cylindrical integrated machine.


Nuocai Digital Co., Ltd. has always been adhering our Nuocai mission to ‘Keep struggling for promoting the development of digital printing industry’. Nuocai is famous for its excellent quality and perfect after-sales, is loved by customers. The vitality of Nuocai Digital Co., Ltd. lies in constantly trying new application research and development, constantly trying new business models, maximizing customer value, and leading customers Join the blue ocean of inkjet printing applications. Our Prospect is to Let our equipments and services be in every country of the world.


If you want to know more about nocai uv inkjet printing machine,  you can call our editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers.Nocai is uv printing machine manufacturers.  Candice Chen 18664538711